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Alabama Living; Pizza-loving teen whose Papa John's essay got her accepted to Yale chooses Auburn

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In this lesson focusing on writing, students learn to write comments on a blog and how to agree or disagree by giving and responding to opinions.

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Teenagers And Stress: Free Expository Essay Example

So, teenagers, help us understand the problem by sharing your experiences and insights. We have a major national problem with bullying, and we need your help to understand it and figure out how to make headway against it. That’s where I’m hoping your essays can help.

CSCGP is excited to announce the winners of our 2017 It’s Always Something Teen Essay Contests

I’m holding the contest in partnership with and with . Send in essays of up to 500 words by the end of April. Teen Ink, which has lots of experience publishing teen writing in print and online, will select finalists for me, and then I’ll choose the winners. There’s no real prize, except immortal glory: I’ll publish excerpts from the best essays in my column or blog. Some winners will also be published on the Learning Network site and in Teen Ink. To apply, go to

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