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The study was conducted to investigate the effect of employee teamwork on employee performance.

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In the article, “Professionals’ Views on Interprofessional Stroke Team Functioning” Jane Cramm & Anna Nieboer (2011) seek to explain that interprofessional teamwork is considered the core component of integrated care, a complex activity involving many different health care providers that demands effective team functioning (p....

Teamwork helps increase the effectiveness, competitiveness, and productivity of organizations.

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(SAMPLE B) Through my recent campus visit and ongoing networking with X (‘09) and Y (‘11), I am convinced that only THIS SCHOOL gives me the skills necessary to break through my company’s silo-based organizational structure. To persuade 40,000 professionals across different functions and cultures, I need to introduce new goal-based teamwork models to persuade entrenched opinion leaders to embrace changes that will yield new opportunities. I also recently participated in THIS SCHOOL Club of Japan’s Business Awards Ceremony and realized the strong bond of alumni to continue to grow together regardless of age or title. After graduating from THIS SCHOOL, I plan to work with the executive director of The THIS SCHOOL Japan Research Center to transform my company into the world’s most innovative SCM service provider.

This essay will evaluate various teamwork theories, that explain the stages of forming a group and how it develops into a well established team....

But how will it be with just the one who falls when there is not another to raise him up?” – Ecclesiastes 4:9, 10 As the scriptural text quoted above implies, teamwork can accomplish what the individual cannot do on his or her own.

Teamwork and peer coaching The followed procedures helped the participants to discuss and share their experiences and practice....

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In healthcare, studies have suggested that teamwork, when enhanced by inter-professional collaboration, could have a range of benefits. Although the link is far from definitive, it appears that teamwork and team composition could have positive effects, particularly in quality and safety (Oandasan et al. 2006). These include reducing medical errors, improving quality of patient care, addressing workload issues, building cohesion and reducing burnout of healthcare professionals. For example, a trial of team training for emergency room staff in US hospitals resulted in a reduction in clinical error rates from 30.9 to 4.4% over a 12-month period (Morey et al. 2002).

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In healthcare, teamwork is the ongoing process of interaction between team members as they work together to provide care to patients. The researchers found that while and are often used as synonyms in casual discussion, they are not synonymous. Critically, the researchers identified inter-professional collaboration as both a process affecting teamwork (and, in turn, patient care and health provider satisfaction) and an outcome in and of itself. In fact, collaboration can take place whether or not health professionals consider themselves to be part of a team. The researchers cite the example of primary healthcare, where professionals including a family physician, a physiotherapist and a dentist may all provide care to the same patient, yet in most cases do not see themselves as a functioning team. On the other hand, effective teamwork rarely happens where there is no collaboration (Oandasan et al. 2006).

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Practical and well-evaluated plans for implementing teamwork are fairly rare, although Oandasan et al. (2006) note that in health services research, there have been a number of recent attempts to capture and evaluate individual training programs to enhance teamwork, with some evidence of effectiveness. For example, they note that patient safety studies have found that team training and decision aids such as checklists and communication protocols can be used to improve team processes and reduce adverse events (Hoff et al. 2004; Lingard et al. 2004; Pronovost et al. 2003).

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This paper references some of the key evidence gathered by the researchers funded by the CHSRF, as well as other key research. It is not a summary of their synthesis work (which is available in complete form on the CHSRF website) but, rather, a perspective on the report, as well as other relevant research. Similarly, the discussions with managers and policy makers referenced in this paper are not verbatim transcriptions but, rather, a presentation of what the CHSRF sees as some of the most pertinent discussions regarding the challenge at hand: the evidence-informed implementation of effective teamwork in healthy workplaces across Canada.