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Perhaps you are modeling a new perspective. I was visiting with my four-year old twin nieces just a week ago and had given them matching outfits for back-to-preschool. One of the girls had to try on the entire ensemble…shirt, skirt, tights and shoes…and then pronounced that she would be “the prettiest girl in school”. I quickly disabused her of that notion, pointing out that her identical twin would be wearing the same clothes! I also used the episode as a “teachable moment”, when I told her I was more concerned that her clothes be neat, appropriate, and comfortable…and if she felt good about herself because of something she accomplished, that was way more important to me than her being pretty. We do need to have a heightened awareness of our words, and the effect they have. Thanks for your perceptive insights!

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Good article, but this shouldn’t be something you have to squelch yourself over. Children are people too albeit younger, less experienced, less able in many ways, and more vulnerable, they’re people: they have ambitions and dreams and serious interests of their own. It is really important to talk to and not at a child, they appreciate being taken seriously, and I suspect they know they are different from adults without exactly knowing how that might be. If I walked up to an adult and talked all about how they looked and not to them about who they are that would be insulting and I think the same goes for children and perhaps more so for young girls who get a rough deal in just about every human culture (which is shameful and sickening). Good on you for doing this but I reckon you are going to find the experience of talking to these younger people a rewarding and educative experience the more you do it, I certainly have from the conversations I have had with children I have met. Thanks for the article.

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She is only eleven. Please don’t comment on her weight! Just establish good eating habits and talk about not eating too many sweets because it’s just not healthy…nothing about ‘her’ weight. You may disagree but that child will put excess worry on things she doesn’t need to be worrying about! I feel like it could be just as damaging to her for you to comment about her tummy and weight as it is to eat the extra cookie…..

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Wow, I obviously came to this article a few years late but I think it’s awesome. I’m getting to the point now where I’m thinking about having kids, and it’s such a huge deal to teach little girls that their value isn’t based on their appearance. Growing up my sister and I were cute little girls and we would get compliments all the time, but nobody was as impressed as the day I spelled Mississippi all by myself at a family birthday party. I still remember the feeling, and I want that for my kids. Thanks for the reminder!

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It’s so important to teach a girl that it’s not only okay to be smart, but to be proud of it. When I was in college, I clearly remember not telling new guys I met that I was at an Ivy League college because I grew up with the perception that smart girls were somehow less attractive…we really need to make sure our daughters don’t grow up thinking that too!

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Life is about balance and part of the balance is the way we present ourselves – it is natural for women to want to look attractive and it is natural for mothers to teach their daughters how to achieve this. I grew up with a mother who rejected me and I know how detrimental the lack of guidance in this sphere can be.

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My daughter is never allowed to watch broadcast TV, and only watches what I select and approve of, in videos and On-Demand. This doesn’t make her a ‘weirdo’ by any means! She is attractive, reads at a 4th grade level, plays sports and the piano, is popular with both the boys and girls in her grade and is in every way a normal 7-yr-old. But as a family, we have never-ever discussed how people look, only how they behave (are they nice, shy, bratty, talkative, etc. ). You can’t be influenced by this terrible way of thinking if you are not aware of it.