Susan Sontag's is a seminal and groundbreaking work on the subject.

 — Fashion story photographed by Jamie Hawkesworth.Styling by Marie Chaix.

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So when Susan Sontag's On Photography hit the bestseller list recently, it caused an uproar among photo professionals.
susan sontag essays Styles of Radical Will, Susan Sontags second collection of essays, extends the investigations she undertook in Against Interpretation with essays.
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You know him, youve.On Photography has 21,676 ratings and 429 reviews.


It originally appeared as a series of essays in the New York Review of Books between 1973Â .
Susan Sontag lives in a sparsely furnished five-room apartment on the top floor of a building in Chelsea on the west side of Manhattan.

The coming of technology brought on unimaginable new ventures--including photography.

— Portrait photography portfolio of twenty-eight leading actresses from the archive of Brigitte Lacombe.
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Module: CU4027 Lecturer: Anthony Quinn Tutor: Anthony Quinn Date: 18 October 2012 Sontag argues that a photograph.
Recently I started rereading Susan Sontag's book of essays Regarding the Pain of Others to the accompaniment of shrieking feral cats, lightning striking tower cranes.
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Dread consumed him: he thought he might be trapped in America, even imprisoned. The fear may seem irrational in retrospect, but Mann had intimate knowledge of how a civilized society could turn feral in an instant. By 1952, he and his wife, Katia, had decided that they must emigrate again, this time to Switzerland. They last saw the house on San Remo Drive in June of that year, though it did not sell for many months. They settled in Zurich; there Mann died, in 1955. In his last years, he kept thinking back to his life in Pacific Palisades. Looking at old photographs made him heartsick: “The house was so completely my own.”

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Trevor said: This was terribly interesting, but I think you needed to know a little more than Sontag.
Photography's inferior but inexorable version of reality is the bases of On Photography.

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One of America's best-known and most admired writers, Susan Sontag was also a leading commentator on contemporary culture until her death in December 2004. Her books include four novels and numerous works of non-fiction, among them , , , , and , all of which are published by Penguin. A further eight books, including the collections of essays and , and the novels and , are available from Penguin Modern Classics.

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I've never read anything by Susan Sontag, but encountered mentions of her book This is a classic book of essays about how photography reveals so much .
On Photography BACK of the photographic record is photography s message, its aggression.