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Primo’s most famous writing piece was actually the book, Survival in Auschwitz....

Survival in Auschwitz (If this is a man)

I also respond to the concept of home in Survival In Auschwitz by comparing it to my own idea and what home means to me – a place of stability and reflection that remains a constant in my changing life....

Omer Bartov's essay from Intellectuals on Auschwitz expresses the author's .

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And that, Shmoopers, is precisely why you should care. Before too much longer, all of those who actually lived through the unimaginable suffering in places like Auschwitz and other concentration and extermination camps will be gone. Not to mention that there are a lot of people who deny that the Holocaust ever happened or was completely exaggerated ().

Survival in Auschwitz.

In his autobiographical novel Se questo è un uomo (If This Is a Man or Survival in Auschwitz), the “ordinary moral world” (86), as Primo Levi calls it, stops to persist.

Omer Bartov's essay from Intellectuals on Auschwitz expresses the author's .Feb 23, 2013 by Kristopher Yingling.

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Primo Levi is a young Jewish-Italian man who has recently completed a degree in chemistry and has joined the Resistance Movement. While hiding out in the woods with some of his compatriots (who aren't very skilled at this whole Resistance thing), Primo is captured. Along with the others, he's taken to a holding camp in Italy before being shipped with the other captured Jews to Auschwitz, the infamous concentration and extermination camp in Poland.

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According to the well known book in 20th century written by Primo Levi, Survival In Auschwitz, he explained about the time of his experience as a young 24 year old man being placed in German camp since he was considered as “Italian citizen and Jewish raced”.

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Survival in Auschwitz is the unique autobiographical account of how a young man endured the atrocities of a Nazi death camp and lived to tell the tale.