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Another route that is more prestigious is to have an article published in a peer-reviewed journal. This can either be online or in print, although in some academic fields online publication is still seen as second best. Again, the process is a long one: you submit your article to the journal editors in accordance with their editorial guidelines and it could be six months before you hear whether you have been accepted or not. During this time your article will be read by referees who work for the journal; these individuals will be academics, generally experts in your field. Sometimes it is possible to find out who they are, other times they prefer to remain anonymous.

How to submit a book review to an academic journal? Most academic journals do not accept unsolicited submissions of book reviews, to my knowledge.

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Your supervisor can advise on this, but unless you are desperate to publish your work very quickly (for example because of the RAE submission deadline) try to hold out for a reputable publisher. These are different in every field, but big U.S. and U.K. university publishers as well as the commercial houses that deal with academic books should be considered. Do your research in advance; do not bother submitting a proposal to a publisher who has not produced anything in your field before.

If you're pitching a study to an academic journal, make sure you use our query letter as a guide. We break down the pitch into 11 easy steps.

Great suggestions. Thank you! I’m trying to get the word out about my upcoming book, Overcoming OCD: A Journey to Recovery, and essays are a great way to do that!

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