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Once the trials were past and my assessments finished, I found a nice balance between these two methods to achieve a Band 6 in my exam. By the end of my studying, I felt I was adequately prepared with my memorization, and I had exercised my improvising ability enough that I could write an essay on a given topic on a text within the 40 minutes given.

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Once you have your notes organized, start writing timed essays with your notes in front of you. I would recommend hand-writing them then typing up for analysis. During this process, you can start to learn your notes. Take a little longer to more comprehensively plan, too, to select the best pieces of evidence. Through writing and planning these essays, you start to use improvisation to explore ideas under time pressure. But don’t feel restricted to the clock; if there is something you don’t quite understand or need to develop your thesis on, take the time to do it.

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The first option can be considered the easiest, if English is not your strong suit. One way to memorise an essay is to create and perfect an ‘ultra-essay’ that packs in all of the potential points you could think of, backing it up with evidence. But I can safely predict that any English teacher would suggest against this idea. Whilst it can provide a sense of security, because you’re covering a large chunk of what they could ask, it’s messy and takes away from a clear, sustained argument. The marker, who reads through your essay at most twice, would get lost. I advise against this as a way to get a good mark, but for those struggling in the exam, it can be a way to get through.

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The other extreme is completely improvising on the day. This could be the method for you, if you’re great at English- given you’ve studied your texts thoroughly enough. I tried this approach during my trial exams, because I felt I really knew my texts inside and out – especially Citizen Kane (Mod B). I had studied some main ideas I thought were really substantial, did some practice essays, and went in to the exam open to writing anything without any solid notes. This preparation is not without its faults.