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Community service is defined in the Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary as, “work that people do to help other people without payment, and which young criminals whose crime was not was not serious enough for them to be put in prison are forced to do”(Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary 2004).

Service learning is a great opportunity to get extra learning experiences while also experiencing the community around the universities campus.

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“Service learning allows students to apply what they are learning from their instructors, peers, and readings to genuine tasks that occur outside the four walls of the classroom while simultaneously helping others” (Staton 1)....

I would most definitely recommend this organization to another student interest in service learning.

Meet teachers and students at the Jemicy School and watch as they discus how they use technology across content areas, AT tools such as text-to-speech and speech-to-text, the value of audio books in accessing text, using technology for real-time teacher-student collaboration, and more.

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