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In the film adaptation of the short story, ..

Free adaptation Essays and Papers - 123helpme

This essay will examine how Baz Luhrmann reproduces Shakespeare's classic love story into a contemporary modern world so audiences today can access and understand the universal themes of the play in a familiar environment....

Apocalypse Now I chose to do this essay on the idea of story adaptation, and why changes are made to a story.

However, when the same story ..

Usually, a filmed adaptation of a written work is best shown after a novel or short story has been read by students.

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Adaptation means identifying and preparing for the impacts of climate change. Impacts like increased flooding, heat waves, longer growing seasons, and warmer winters will leave human populations and ecosystems at risk, but there are things we can do to be less vulnerable to these changes. For example, communities can prepare for climate change by updating stormwater infrastructure to handle bigger floods; rezoning flood plains to avoid property damage with increased flooding; and developing heat emergency action plans to assist vulnerable urban populations during heat waves. Natural resource managers can also help plants and animals adapt by making changes such as planting vegetation to provide more shade for coldwater trout streams or creating wildlife corridors to help animals move to more suitable habitats as the climate changes.

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