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The aim of this paper is the review of the content of the conversation—and not of the “dialogue” as I think—held in 1965 between Paul Tillich, the German existential theologian and philosopher, and Carl Rogers, the American psychologist and creator of the person-centered approach1. By using qualitative methodology and presenting their views, I would like to explore six topics all pursued by Rogers with Tillich: (1) the importance of self-affirmation, (2) the nature of man, (3) the basic alienation and estrangement of man, (4) Tillich’s theological language and terminology, (5) the acceptance in interpersonal relations, and (6) what constitutes the optimal person. Finally, I conclude with a commentary regarding their discussion, and I trace the similarities and differences between them.

Review of the book 'The Psychotherapy of Carl Rogers: Cases and commentary' by B.A. Farber & P.M. Raskin.

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The authors reconsider the rationale for the exclusive use of empathic reflections to ensure a nondirective psychotherapeutic relationship. This model of nondirective therapy is contrasted with the view that the nondirective therapist can be defined in terms of a state of mind rather than by way of specific behaviors. The authors argue that in viewing nondirectivity as an attitude it becomes difficult to exclude any kind of therapeutic exchange since all may be said to emanate from a nondirective attitude. The result is that Rogers’ nondirective therapy turns into Person-Centered Anything (Merry, 1990) and can consequently be insidiously directive.

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The core conditions stated by Carl Rogers as necessary and sufficient for constructive personality change are vulnerable to misuse even by therapists whose original purpose is of studied and pure intent. Kornfield's elucidation of the Buddhist concept of The Near Enemies is used as a perspective to understand the core conditions. Greater self-awareness of the experience of empathy and unconditional positive regard allows an opportunity for therapists to be personally congruent with the purpose of the core conditions. Attachment, pity and indifference are discussed as traps to intended outcomes in psychotherapy.

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Augmenting the steps to writing an argumentative research paper is information about proper documentation. The Rogerian System, an important aspect of a well-planned paper, should be studied carefully.

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This article examines the similarities and differences between the theories of Carl Rogers and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi regarding creativity and creative transformation. Both theorists emphasize the importance of the relationship between the individual and the environment, Rogers focusing on the therapeutic relationship and the role of creativity in personal transformation and self- actualization, and Csikszentmihalyi examining the role of the community system in supporting novel and transformational ideas. Both see creativity as a quality that can emerge given the right circumstances, and this invites us to consider the role we play as therapists in bringing about the creativity of our clients and community members.

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The aim of this paper is to show the evolution of myself as a humanistic psychologist and how the influence o f Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow and Rollo May were a central part of my learning process. Thecorevaluesofeachtheoristhaveretainedpotencyover morethanthirtyyearsofmyprofessionalservice. Aspartofthis paper, I will endeavor to give a brief overview of humanistic psychology and the person-centered approach as part of the larger impact on more reductive approaches that were dominant at the time.