Why We Crave Horror Movies by Stephen King Essay …

Thesis Statement: Stephen King uses many different elements in order to scare his readers.

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(Paragraph 9) He says that love, friendship, loyalty, and kindness has been immortalized in that poem, you might have to reasearch more about the poem.
What or Who do you think the alligators in Stephen Kings concluding sentence represents?
Do you think having a habit or having a fear makes you a mentally-ill person?

Stephen King’s parent’s relationship was a beastly one, and ended with Stephen’s father leaving when he was two years old.

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The intended audience is practically everyone, in the thesis statement he says the reason we all crave horror movies is because we are all mentally ill.
It is the first line of the essay, I think he did that
because its such a bold statement, and we would want to keep on reading to find out why he thinks that.

Stephen King the master of horror once said people love watching horror films simply because it keeps their sanity.

Which is the reason why Stephen Kings say’s “I think we’re all mentally ill; those of us outside the asylums only hide it a little better- and maybe not all that much better after all” (405)....

According to Stephen King in an interview, King said, As a young child, King witnessed a horrifying accident.