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Springtime Can Kill You

Ive confessed in the past that its tough for me to get into many female vocalists. I dont know why, Im a little short sighted I guess. There are a few that I cannot do without though and the shortlist includes Jolie Holland. I discovered her right around the time Escondida was released a couple years ago and have found her old time radio folk both haunting and enticing ever since. Jolie has a new album due out May 9th on Anti titled Springtime Can Kill You. Here are a couple tracks from the album and the press release.

Music Now Fest kicks off


Bryce Dessner of The National organized the event known as Music Now here in Cincinnati. It kicked off Wednesday night and last night those in attendance were treated to a set from Bryce's other band, Clogs. Clogs played with folk/electronic outfit, The Books. Ill be inattendance Saturday for Glenn Kotche and Sunday for Bell Orchestre. Have a look at this recent article in the Cincinnati Post.

"The thing I see about Cincinnati is that there is such a healthy vibrant independent music scene in town," Dessner said. "Cincinnati is one of the best music towns . It occurred to put together a concert hall setting, but also music that will appeal to younger people."

Ticket info..

- Friday: Jazz/classical duo Celloproject, cellist Eckart Runge of the Artemis String Quartet. 8 p.m.

- Saturday: Children's concert with festival artists. 11 a.m. Burmese percussionist Kyaw Kyaw Naing/percussionists David Cossin and Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche. 8 p.m.

- Sunday: Bell Orchestre features members of indie rock band Arcade Fire. Also, cellist Eric Friedlander. 6 p.m.

- At the CAC, 44 E. Sixth St., downtown; $75 series; $20 each ($10 students)