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 Shakespeare, William.

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Though Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 and Spenser’s Sonnet 75 from Amoretti both offer lovers this immortality through verse, only Spenser pairs this immortality with respect and partnership, while Shakespeare promises the subject of the sonnet immortality by unusual compliments and the assurance that she will live on as long as the sonnet continues to be read....

It is in "Sonnet 18", by Shakespeare, that we see a challenge to the idea that love is finite.

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Similar metaphorical images appear in many famous poems including Shakespeare's "Sonnet 73." The metaphor is the most basic device poets use to convey meanings beyond literal speech (Guth 473).

Sonnets 18-125 deal gradually with many themes associate with a handsome young man.

Shakespeare has a way of keeping love alive in "Sonnet 18", and he uses a variety of techniques to demonstrate how love is more brilliant and everlasting than a summer's day....

William Shakespeare,

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The quatrains each have two rhymes alternating in lines, and a final couplet.
The rhyme scheme followed by the entire poem is A-B-A-B/ C-D-C-D/ E-F-E-F.
As aforementioned, this couplet deviates from the rhyme scheme used throughout the sonnet.