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The American Civil War was not fought over slavery, not in the beginning

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The Chicora Foundation. "Free Persons of Color in Charleston, South Carolina, Before the Civil War." SCIWAY: South Carolina’s Information Highway. Available online at.

Howard becomes a premier education institution in the black community and plays an important role in civil rights history.

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The 1790 census taken in Charleston, South Carolina found that 586 free blacks lived in the city of Charleston. By 1861 that number was up to 3,341, (7.8 percent of the population). While not all “free people of color” lived in the city, 89 percent of them did by 1850. Blacks could obtain greater opportunity by living in the city. The class lines were clearly drawn even within the races, yet, whites, free blacks, and slaves lived together within the city of Charleston, South Carolina. They lived together before, during and after the Civil War. From 1810 to 1850 Charleston was in some ways an African American city (Poole 1994). Slaves made up around fifty percent of the population. Free people of color made up between five to eight percent of the population during that forty year period. Slaves filled the labor shortages left by whites and played a key role in the life of Charleston.

The country largely embraces the notion of white supremacy, which re-enforce the cult of

After the Civil War, she becomes a leader in the Pennsylvania Branch of the American Freedman's Aid Commission, which worked to protect and provide services to the former enslaved in the South.

With the winter season nearly upon us, we thought it the perfect time to compile Civil War scenes—in photos and sketches—that invoke the...