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Of course, there is no way to know what the horse was really thinking here. But as to what Buber was thinking — notice how he moves from their primal vitality, realized by touch, to their seats of awareness, and the possibility of coming together in faux conspiracy. Consider how any empathetic connection forms. You begin with some point of commonality with your own life, something as elaborate as a similar identity or experience or as simple as a feeling everybody knows firsthand, such as pain or affection. From what is same, however basic, you can begin to bridge the difference to what is other, and learn something new through someone else’s eyes.

Similarly, you'll want to include any information that is relevant (and significant) to specific art in the exhibition.

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Many standardized tests require students to write expository essays. There is a procedure for answering these types of prompts which is usually included in the question.

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I was also impressed by the appearance of those who attended the fashion shows. They were not just dressed for convenience; every outfit was composed with some idea in mind, to follow a certain style, to make a "statement" of some kind. I pledged to myself that once in a while I will try to arrange my clothing in a similar way: trying to put together simple details to convey a more complex idea. The ceremony was attended by a number of celebrities attending the meetings. It was fun to see them of course, but just sitting there they were overshadowed by the striking beauty of the show itself.

Simple science experiments for science exhibition essay

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After a careful study of the paintings Propped, Plan, and Reflective Flesh, it becomes evident that the art of Jenny Saville aims for a renewal of the representation of the female body. Saville works to re-appropriate conventional notions and ideals of the body, deconstruct the patriarchal hold on the body, and question the body’s characterization throughout art history. Although many critics, such as Schwabsky, praise Saville exclusively for her masterful handling of paint, her dominant re-appropriation of the female figure in her work – greatly supported by her expressive control of the painted surface – is too strong to ignore.31 Other works by Saville, like the transsexual bodies exhibited in the paintings Matrix(1999) and Passage (2004), also draw on formal features such as extreme foreshortening and energetic brushwork to translate ideas of oddity, power and gender ambiguity.32 As the writer and artist Linda Nochlin points out, these two figures inhabit a “postmodern realm of gender nirvana, brilliantly theorized by Judith Butler as a zone of shifting sexual identities and the rejection of essential difference between male and female.”33 Consequently, it would be interesting to explore how these ambiguous figures fit into Saville’s project of re-appropriation and redefinition.

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Although I rely on such explanations myself, as I have gotten to know elephants better I have been more and more convinced that they do think, sometimes consciously, about the particular situations in which they find themselves. In the case of the young musth male, I believe that he may actually consider his options: to keep dribbling, stand with head high, and be attacked, or to cease dribbling, stand with head low, and be tolerated. In other words, the male may in fact have some control.... With dominance rank between males changing on a daily basis, a male needs to be able to adjust his behavior accordingly. From past experience he knows the characteristics of his rival’s body size, fighting ability, and how that rival normally ranks relative to him, but if his rival is in musth he also needs to assess whether he is in full musth and what sort of condition he is in. All of this information must be assimilated on a daily basis and gauged relative to his own condition. Can so complex an assessment be carried out without thinking? And I wonder whether the more parsimonious explanation wouldn’t be that they think.

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Of course, similar mechanistic explanations are now often applied to human actions as well. As Poole acknowledges, they are grounded in something real, but do not allow for the fullest understanding of what is going on. In a way, it may actually be more instructive to look at the flaws in this line of reasoning with an animal example, which helps to avoid some of the metaphysical minefields surrounding the issue. Properly nuanced discussions about animal activity can be soundly without being . Animal science that describes their real abilities, where they can receive credit for intelligent or compassionate actions driven by more than mere instinct, would by extension elevate man’s stature too — not flatten it with animals’, but raise them both above the low bar of pure determinism.