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The main character of the novel, which the plot builds on, is “Silas Marner”.

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She writes of two different parenting styles, along with the happiness and responsibilities that come with this through two characters, Silas Marner and Godfrey Cass.

The main character of the novel, which the plot builds on, is “Silas Marner”.

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Candidates have quite a choice of books to read, from the following novels, as well as a selection of short stories from Stories of Ourselves :

Jane Austen Northanger Abbey
George Eliot Silas Marner
Susan Hill I’m the King of the Castle
Robert Louis Stevenson The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Chinua Achebe No Longer at Ease
Michael Frayn Spies

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Jokes about Battlestar Galactica aside, technology is a key issue in Silas Marner, because it destroys the community of Raveloe. The novel begins with the decidedly low-fi technology of spinning wheels, as the narrator tells us that the novel takes place "In the days when the spinning-wheels hummed busily in the farmhouses—and even great ladies, clothed in silk and thread-lace, had their toy spinning-wheels of polished oak" (1.1.1). But that fairytale world is not going to last: "the fall of prices had not yet come to carry the race of small squires and yeomen down that road to ruin for which extravagant habits and bad husbandry were plentifully anointing their wheels" (1.3.2). Change is, as they say, a-comin'.

Silas Marner, Godfrey Cass, and Dunstan Cass exhibit this trait numerous times during novel.

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I feel Eliot uses the parents in Silas Marner to demonstrate the personal rewards that are gained from the efforts of good parenting, and the weak family ties created by indifferent, ineffective parenting...

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In my opinion, the actions of few characters could be viewed as materialistic, but I managed to find three: Dunstan Cass, William Dane, and Silas Marner.

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In 'Silas Marner' by George Eliot Silas is the main outsider, however in 'To Kill a Mockingbird' by Harper Lee even though Boo is the obvious outsider there are many others.

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Eliot was one of the finest realists of Victorian fiction and produced a remarkable range of intellectual novels throughout her life, including the moral fable of Silas Marner.

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“ The novel’s major theme, of loss and redemption through love, is embodied in the experience of its central character, Silas Marner” this is a theme, which is stated in the book....

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Moral values are important in Silas Marner throughout the novel as those people who do good deeds are rewarded while those who fail in their moral duties to others are punished.