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Coal, nuclear and hydro are used primarily to make electricity. Natural gas is widely used for heating. Biomass, which usually means wood or dried dung, is used for heating and cooking. The red sliver is wind and solar power, primarily. The red sliver may be small, but it is the future because wind and solar power are sustainable.

Oil powers almost all machines that move and that makes oil uniquely versatile. Oil powered airplanes carry 500 people across the widest oceans at nearly the speed of sound. Oil powered machines produce and transport food. In North America there are many more seats in oil powered vehicles than there are people. Oil powered machines are ubiquitous. Clearly, we live in the age of oil, but the age of oil is drawing to a close.

If oil production remains constant until it's gone, there is enough to last 42 years. Oil wells produce less as they become depleted which will make it impossible to keep production constant. Similarly, there is enough natural gas to last 61 years and there is enough coal to last 133 years. Nearly everyone realizes oil and gas will become scarce and expensive within the life times of living humans. Inevitably, there will be a transition to sustainable energy sources. The transition may be willy-nilly or planned--the choice is ours.

Consider the implications of the following facts;

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Further pressure will stem from a promised forthcoming hike in US interest rates, as repatriation of capital will further strengthen the US dollar.
Though this lies within the South African Reserve Bank’s target range of 3–6 percent, the upward trend in prices prompted the central bank to raise the policy interest rate by 25 basis points to 6.0 percent in July.
The shortfall in electricity production is a major blow for an economy in need of quicker growth.

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NEW DELHI - Electric crematoria were snuffed out with bodies inside, New Delhi's Metro shut down and hundreds of coal miners were trapped underground after three Indian electric grids collapsed in a cascade Tuesday, cutting power to 620 million people in the world's biggest blackout.

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