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While The Wedding Story expresses a fictional kind of love, I Do Not Love..

How to Write a Dark or Sad Story

Because short stories can elude the real life situations, time span, human beings traits, and entire life, they can show their audacity and daring in literature, but not necessary that of their writers....

No, I do not think Romeo and Juliet is all that great of a love story.

SAD STORY ABOUT A GIRL AND A BOY | Sad love stories!

I think that it is very romantic how even in today's society we do not view the other aspects of Hamlet like revenge, delay, and madness but view Hamlet as a love story.

I like the part of the love story when Hamlet writes that letter to Ophelia.

Along the story line of the play, one will be introduced to additional characters that try to be helpful by committing acts they presume will benefit the young lovers, but these characters actually create plot-twists....

After reading Romeo and Juliet, apparently a tragedy, I would say that this story contains aspects of both a love story and a tragedy.