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In the pursuit of achieving the explicit expression of the plot development and themes, the short story writers can opt to assume some details, ignore some details completely or better still, use styles of literature to express themselves (Ford, Para 1).

Marathi essay on my school picnic Tragedy of the commons essay, Good thesis statements for research papers.

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Throughout the three years I have dedicated to the activity, (high school) has always maintained a successful squad and I am quite proud to know that I have earned many of the trophies and awards that have helped make the program so successful and (high school) well known on the debate circuit.

Marathi essay on my school picnic Tragedy of the commons essay, Good thesis statements for research papers

In this way, they would strengthen their writing skills and would not feel intimidated when they enter university and having to research books mainly written and available in English.It is my believe that if the above suggestions are taken seriously and incorporated by the schools as part of the curriculum or even extra curriculum, the low esteem that overwhelming number of students feel regarding their English language ability will be a thing of the past.

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Prospective students should consider it their one chance at an interview with the school; in many cases, it's a better option than interviews since the applicant has the chance to set the agenda rather than being forced to answered a prepared set of questions.

Your needs to show the school you are applying to your unique qualities and how you would enrich their school if you were accepted.

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Their reading is limited to schools books and hence, they possess restricted knowledge.Although the ministry of education had introduced the English literature component at the secondary level, the standard of English leaves much to be desired.

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Thus, I propose that schools allocate more time for reading English books, especially non-academic books such as novels and short stories which have literary values and merits.

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"Well," he thought, "looks like I'm going to have to try it anyhow," as he dug out the sledge from the storeroom. "Jan may die unless I get her to the doctor, and life means nothing to me without her." With this thought in mind, Bob gently tucked Jan into the sledge, got in the front, and with a short prayer for safety, pushed off.

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The most renowned writing of Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanac was published in 1733. This proved to be the threshold of his fame as a writer and continued hence forth. Franklin believed in a simple, clear and smooth way of communication and Benjamin Franklin writings portrayed his likings. Simplicity being the dominant characteristic of the writings by Benjamin Franklin attracted the not-so-educated readers of that age. He knew how to play with words and bring out the deep rooted satire even in difficult life situations. Many scholars point out at the fact that his writing’s lacked factual accuracy but his convincing style created a make-believe picture for the readers. Most of his writings had an objective style that allowed the readers to ignore the historical evidences. Being a learned person, he was open to all sorts of criticism. He not only pointed out the flaws of other contemporary writers but never retrieved from accept his own faults.