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You should,however, bring all your skills as a writer to bear on the essay topic.

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Liberal city councils went after the homeless and engaged in other forms of socio-economic cleansing; the Clinton administration attacked welfare in a manner once limited to the Republican right; prison populations soared without a murmur from the liberals; Democrats supported without question a cruel and unconstitutional war on drugs; the liberal media aristocrats prided themselves in faux realpolitik and patronizing prescriptions for the masses.

Obama does have a modest political record and he is intelligent where Chance was dense.

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One might ask, for example, exactly what has really been transformed by the "power of ideas and relationships" at Renaissance other than the potential salaries, positions and influence of those participating.

The third virtue claimed by the Clintonites is the ability to arise above the petty disputes of normal life -- to become "post-ideological." For example, the president, upon nominating Judge Ginsberg to the Supreme Court called her neither liberal nor conservative, adding that she "has proved herself too thoughtful for such labels." In one parenthetical aside, Clinton dismissed three hundred years of political philosophical debate.

Similarly, when Clinton made the very political decision to name conservative David Gergen to his staff, he announced that the appointment signaled that "we are rising above politics."

"We are," he insisted, "going beyond partisanship that damaged this country so badly in the last several years to search for new ideas, a new common ground, a new national unity." And when Clinton's new chief of staff was announced, he was said to be "apolitical," a description used in praise.

Politics without politics.

As we wrote shortly after Clinton's election, "Politics used to be about remembrance.

Brandeis University's emphasize linkages among the patterns of American political development, contemporary American politics, and the politics of other developed and developing democratic systems. The graduate curriculum also addresses the advanced industrial democracies of Western Europe, the democratizing states of Eastern Europe, and the international political, economic, and military-security relations among these states. Substantive emphasis is on the politics of democratic and democratizing regimes. Our program is distinguished by methodological emphasis on analytical case study, including comparative case study rather than abstract mathematical modeling or statistical analysis. PhD students receive training in each of the major subfields of political science, including both qualitative and quantitative research methods, through graduate-level "field seminars."

Failing to follow this basic rule of American politics has hurt affirmative action badly.


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These three micro simulations focus on the overall legislative process (19-52) the dynamics of presidential decision-making (5-8) and the politics of Supreme Court decision-making (8-16)

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Our original study used legislative-executive process questions as part of two separate examinations. The midterm examination was given after using the traditional lecture-discussion method and a widely-used American Politics textbook. The final examination was administered after a series of five simulation class sessions.

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A statement of purpose indicating your reasons for undertaking graduate study. In addition, please describe your qualifications for the politics program and your objectives in undertaking this program. Applicants to the doctoral program should also indicate how their research interests would complement those of the faculty. Applicants to the master's program should discuss their academic and professional career plans and how the Graduate School could help them attain their goals.

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Power in politics is a person who has the ability to influence a person in terms of their behaviour; however they possess no right to - unlike authority....