Hi Im Abby Nolan and this is a story about summer vacaton.

This stress that consumes so many people leads to a lower quality of life.

Just like we show our happiness through summer so does the cicada.

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Crossing the schoolyard last spring I have felt the perfect exhilaration of summer vacation; glad almost to the point of fright I ran to take my summer in those .
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The silence of this night flashes me back to the summer of June 2009, when my parents decided to go on a family vacation to Bangladesh.

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In Irwin Shaw’s “The Girls in Their Summer Dresses”, he shows how important having a trustworthy and honest relationship is.

Since you're more interested in setting a mood, telling a story, and illustrating personal themes, a direct, clinical statement like "This essay will describe my summer vacation to Costa Rica in great detail" would sound oddly forced and unnecessary.

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Short essay for kids on My Summer Vacation

I pulled over to the shoulder and got out of the car. One of my high heels immediately sunk in the soft ground. I stood there, yanking on my shoe, sweating in my best summer dress and surveyed the deserted highway for any signs of help. Abandoned orange groves bordered both sides of the road. The nearest gas station was at least 20 miles back. The only thing working in my favor, I thought, as my shoe finally came unstuck, was that it wasn't raining.

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For an essay on your summer vacation, you might start with this: "When I felt the Costa Rican sun filtering through the jungle canopy and heard the sound of howler monkeys far off in the distance, I knew that I had found someplace very special."

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