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The impacts of online shopping have been advantageous as well as disadvantageous.

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Converting shopping malls into prisons is a cost-effective way to create prison space to house The National Mall in Washington, D.C., has held an important place in the novel and compelling collection of essays, the work of leading design professionals, 25 Mar 2015 It would be the largest shopping mall in the United States, surpassing In his recent essay "The Twilight of the Indoor Mall," writer Mike Nagel Westfield Montgomery, located several miles from Washington, D.C., in the 10 Mar 2017 Category: Essay Across State Lines – “Brass Balls Shopping Malls” · September 26 Jeremy Mohler is a writer living in Washington, DC.

More and more it has grown where now people are constantly online doing their shopping.

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Some people really enjoy shopping while others hate the whole process of buying things. Those who dislike shopping will try to find ways to find what they want as quickly as possible and then move on to other activities. There are two ways to reduce the amount of traveling that you must do while shopping: visit a mall or order things online. Whether you decide to go to a real store or shop through your computer, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider. When you take convenience into account, online shopping is the clear winner. You can pay a “virtual visit” to your favorite store without worrying about the mode of transportation, bus or subway tickets, or parking fees. You do not need to put on nice clothes. You will not need to spend time traveling to the mall, looking for a parking place, or walking from shop to shop.

Recently, online shopping has been most convenient for me, but I enjoy both ways of shopping.

On the flip side, the ease of online shopping has made many people compulsive shoppers. Most of us spend lots of time on the internet every day. And while we are on the internet, we get bombarded with numerous advertisements. For a compulsive shopper, this is a good reason to splurge. The fact that online shopping encourages us to buy things that we do not need or use cannot be denied. This can lead to debts. Also, there are security concerns. When you buy things online, you run a small risk of getting your financial information exploited by hackers. Of course, good anti-virus and anti-malware programs can offer a great deal of protection. But almost every week, we hear about data breaches at major online retailers.

Online shopping is also sometimes referred to as e-commerce in the business world.

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The huge popularity of online shopping can be attributed to the fact that it makes shopping easier. It saves both time and money. Buyers no longer have to drive all the way to shops to buy things. Also, online stores tend to offer attractive prices probably because they have lower overhead costs. This allows them to sell items for deeply discounted prices. This can lead to major cost benefits for shoppers. In addition, online shopping makes it easy to buy things from any part of the world. Even if an item is not available in your country, you can buy it from online stores. Online shopping also allows you to compare prices before hitting the purchase button.

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Farrell, Jon Pahl and George Lewis who view malls as not only shopping centers but also as places that provide a reflection of the American culture and serve as centers of pleasure and entertainment....

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To conclude, online shopping has several advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Of course, the shopper has to exercise some common sense and keep their device free of malware if they want to enjoy the benefits of online shopping.

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Now that we can buy just about anything with a few mouse clicks from the comfort of our home, very few people actually feel the need to venture into brick and mortar stores. There is no denying the fact that online shopping has become more popular than in-store shopping. This trend has both positive and negative aspects.

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2.2. Literature Review of previous studies Literature review can be categorized according to the title of various researches: 2.2.1. Consumer Trust on online Sellers From the perspective of trustworthiness of Internet merchants, an article adopted a multidisciplinary approach and developed an integrative model of consumer trust in Internet shopping through synthesizing the three diverse trust literatures....