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Day 5 – We visited the Sunday school in the morning, and taught the kids how to sing “with Christ in the vessel”. Our Singapore team was not permitted by the authorities to visit other households in the vicinity. Therefore, we stayed back to pray for the Burmese team doing the visiting. In the evening, we dropped by a household who was the only Christian family in the Buddhist community. The pressure to compromise on their faith felt very real, and we encouraged them with our testimonies while one of us was led to share on ‘the freedom of walking in the truth’. We found out at night that the family member who was suffering from poor health has been discharged from the hospital. Thank God! We also encouraged one another to bathe using the water stored in the vats…

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Day 1 – We reached CSCC Myanmar in the afternoon after our flight, and were ushered after some tea and light snacks to the lively Sunday school, where the kids put up a short performance for us. What a way to recharge ourselves after the flight! After lunch with the church staff, we made our way to the youth service. We shared testimonies of dreams restored; divine healing; and God’s faithfulness, while one of us preached on ‘God’s providence’ to the congregation. While we were wondering if the congregation understood our sharing which was passionately translated by pastor San Min, the youth pastor stood up to give an altar call. Virtually everyone in the congregation rushed forward, and requested that our team pray for them. After the altar call, pastor San Min prayed for the team to be sent out to the Delta region, and we had dinner fellowship.

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Day 2 – The entire day was spent traveling, but praise God! The sisters in our team had the opportunity to successfully share the gospel to some mums on the passenger ferry with the assistance of our Burmese team members. It turned out that some of the locals were curious about the presence of foreigners on the ferry, and were already eager to listen to us. Later, we found out from our Burmese team members that they usually had limited success in sharing the gospel to fellow Burmese despite their common language. Our short and fruitful evangelism showcased the supremacy and wisdom of God in missions indeed. We reached the village at around midnight after some trekking through the mud, but we were all in expectant mood. We ended the night with a short introduction and praise session with the village pastors.

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