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Day 5 – We visited the Sunday school in the morning, and taught the kids how to sing “with Christ in the vessel”. Our Singapore team was not permitted by the authorities to visit other households in the vicinity. Therefore, we stayed back to pray for the Burmese team doing the visiting. In the evening, we dropped by a household who was the only Christian family in the Buddhist community. The pressure to compromise on their faith felt very real, and we encouraged them with our testimonies while one of us was led to share on ‘the freedom of walking in the truth’. We found out at night that the family member who was suffering from poor health has been discharged from the hospital. Thank God! We also encouraged one another to bathe using the water stored in the vats…

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Have you carefully revised your paper for grammatical/mechanical correctness? Have you asked a peer-reviewer to read the paper for organization, content, and sentence construction?

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Organization: Normally, writers use at least a few examples to support their main point, unless they are using one extended example, which might function similar to an analogy. Examples are usually presented in body paragraphs according to their chronology, their spatial relationship, or their emphatic order (which means that you will use your most powerful examples at the end of your essay, after your reader has already accepted other, less-intense examples. Your conclusion should reinforce your main idea, since your reader has just finished reading examples, and your examples, rather than your main idea, might not be the first thing in your reader’s mind. Finally, your conclusion might provide implications and solutions and summarize your essay's main point.

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Strategies: Consider the level of skills your readers bring to the operation. If they know quite a bit about the operation, then don’t bore them with unnecessary details. However, if you are uncertain about your readers and their experiences, then make sure that you provide sufficient details for them to safely and satisfactorily complete the entire operation. Arrange the operation chronologically, if possible. Divide the operation into steps and carefully consider all the information that must be given for each step’s completion. Organize these major steps into paragraphs. Read over the entire operation after you have written it with an eye tuned for anything that you may have forgotten.

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Strategies: Consider whether you are giving steps/directions or providing information about something that has already happened. For the first, employ a direct tone with your readers: you can grow mammoth sunflowers using these four steps. For the second, carefully consider how you will present your process: there were several steps involved in President Obama being elected president in 2008. For either method of process, consider the whole operation from one end to the other, or from start to finish. How long will it take? How long is the distance? What must be endured? Try to divide the entire operation into separate sequences. Ask yourself how this thing happened or happens.

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It is the same in the Kingdom of God. When Jesus sent His disciples out on a mission, He didn’t send them out alone, but sent them in teams (Luke 10:1). Jesus wasn’t looking solely for the most talented or radical disciples, but for those who would work together to spread His message. Throughout the word of God, we see examples of the power of unity and teamwork. When we work together, nothing is impossible for God to do through us.

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The introduction might also contain analogies about the process. For instance, writing a college paper (the process) might be analogous to building a sandcastle (the analogy). Getting a promotion at work (the process) might be analogous to succeeding in a college course (the analogy). Oftentimes, analogies help readers see an overview of something else, which helps them to clarify what they are about to do.