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When studying Shakespeare, we found that his life revolved around the Globe Theatre.

Globe Theatre: Shakespeare's Globe Theatre In London

Instead of people going to the movies or playing video games, Renaissance folk would flock to the Globe Theater to see plays written by the great William Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare's word, life and his work in the globe theater aren't as familiar to people as they feel.

William Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Essay ..

In 1644, the
Globe Theater vanished, “pulled down to the ground to make tenements in the room of it.”

The New Globe Theater
In 1970, the American actor Sam Wannamaker established the Shakespeare Globe Playhouse

In the article “The Elizabeth Era” states that “often the Queen would come to the Globe Theater to watch Shakespeare’s work “(Alchin).

Here is the first verse
from a sonnet about the fire that destroyed the Globe Theater-

“A tearful fire began above,
A wonder strange and true,
And to the stagehouse did remove,
As rouns as tailor’s chew;
And burnt down both beam and snag
And did not spare the silken flag,
O sorrow, pitiful sorrow,
And yet all this true.”
The second Globe theater, which was rebuilt to be the most expensive and complicated in
England ever built, was completed before Shakespeare’s death in 1616.

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