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Secrets of body language documentary review essay

Secrets of body language documentary review essays

There will be a detailed page on these 8 critical points coming very soon that will provide much more information on how to read body language. Recognizing the signals is just the first step.

The secret to “understanding” and demystifying body language is the ability to understand the next eight points

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Signals or Tells: The body language signals that we or other people use –
Intensity: How emphatic (strong) are the signals
Corroboration and Contradiction: Are all the signals saying the same thing or are they mixed?
Clusters: Are we using or seeing many signals for the same thing as this will make the message stronger?
Progressions: Are the signals getting stronger or weaker?
Contexts: Is the signal being used in the right context?
Conditioning: (Culture): How do the signals relate to the cultural environment and are they instinctive or learned?
Objectiveness: (Seeking and Denial): Basically seeing things you want to or refusing to see things because you don’t.

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Having a complex spoken language is one of the great evolutionary tricks. It means that vast amounts of detailed information can be passed from one person to another.

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The Analysis of Body Language Intercultural Communications

Body language is an essential component of negotiations. Attorneys are usually very good negotiators, and employ their skills when working with legal nurse consultants. This podcast shares some tips about body language during negotiations. I’ve learned a lot about this topic from being a ghostwriter for a book on body language, called Body Language Secrets to Win More Negotiations.

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Words communicate between 25 to 35 percent of the sentiments conveyed by negotiators in a negotiation. The rest of their positions are communicated through body language.

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Get 3 on demand online trainings to ramp up your negotiation skills so that you will come out on top in your negotiations with attorneys. In these 3 trainings, I collaborated with Greg Williams, an expert in negotiation and body language. Greg teaches executives, small business owners and managers to employ thesetechniques. Learn them to help you in your LNC business. The Negotiating Value Pack has 3 components, each valued at $47.

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Pat Iyer MSN RN LNCC built a successful legal nurse consulting business. She knows a lot learned a lot about this topic from spending years negotiating with attorneys. She is also the ghostwriter for a book on body language, called Greg Williams.