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“We recognize that awareness requires more than just one month of education (so) we also offer yearlong opportunities to help provide greater perspectives and resources to the Wright State community in terms of expanding opportunities to people with disabilities,” said Webb.

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By combining the two events to establish an overall awareness month on campus, the Office of Disability Services hopes that the celebration will put a spotlight on an overarching theme: “the often misunderstood perspectives and attitudes associated with having a disability,” said Tom Webb, director of the Office of Disability Services.

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If the screening location of the film was novel, so too was its content and style. This was the first cancer education film to try to get its message across by using a purely comedic approach, producing “some hilarious results,” according to the ACS. Earlier films had occasionally had humorous scenes, and cancer trailers and public service announcements (generally treated as distinct from educational shorts), had also striven for comedic effect. But Man Alive! was the first educational film to use comedy throughout, and set the stage for other humorous cancer education films in the 1950s, virtually all made by one studio—United Productions of America (UPA).

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On 2 June 2016, Parvaz International Film Festival in cooperation with the, screened a selection of films from last year’s Festival, dedicated to raising public awareness of disability issues and dispelling negative stereotypes, myths and prejudices regarding people with disabilities.

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NSW Arts Disability Partnership supported by Screen NSW in partnership with the NSW Department of Family and Community Services is now in it’s second year. The project has funded a suite of short films made by and about people with a disability and has created a legacy of bold and colourful stories told by the artists themselves. Through our status as Sydney City of Film, 7 of the short films made through year one of the strategy will be showcased at the month long SMALL WORLD FILM FESTIVAL in BRADFORD England, which opens Wednesday 1 st June. The films will be screened on the Bradford Big Screen, which is an outdoor screen in City Park, Bradford. Some 500,000 people pass the screen every month, providing some great exposure for the filmmakers and their films.

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Bonza said individuals with disabilities who are planning to attend the career fair can reach out to her for assistance by making an appointment. Students in the Raj Soin College of Business can contact Lance Cauley for guidance. As always, all students and alumni can contact Career Services for resume reviews and preparation tips.