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Mr. Takato Honda, 2nd year in Ph.D. Program in Human Biology, published first author on a paper in Scientific Reports, the online journal of Nature Publishing Group.
Elucidation of neuronal network underlying memory is an important issue of current behavioral neuroscience. The authors successfully induced artificial olfactory memory in living animals, fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) larvae, by targeted activation of memory circuits involved in memory formation. They utilized cutting edge techniques in fly neurogenetics, and substituted the reward signals with dTrpA1-mediated thermogenetic activation of octopaminergic neurons and the odor signals by ChR2-mediated optical activation of a specific class of olfactory neurons. They showed that targeted activation of only the two sets of neurons is indeed sufficient for the formation of associative olfactory memory in the larval brain. These results reveal the minimum elementary circuitry that mediates the induction of distinctive olfactory associative memory in the larval brain.
Given its simplicity and robustness, this method is expected to further our knowledge on neurocircuitry mechanisms of memory at high resolution. This work was published in Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group) in April 25th, 2014.

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Communication among health professionals in the emergency department, especially nurses and physicians, is very important. Effective nurses–physicians communication can greatly reduce the number of medical errors and fatalities that occur in the emergency department. The aim of this study is to explore the communication experiences of nurses and physicians working in the emergency department in a hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The ultimate research participants will be eight physicians and nurses from an emergency department. The research design will be a qualitative phenomenological hermeneutic approach and will use the interpretive method for data collection. The significance of this study is to determine influence of communication on quality of care, particularly in the emergency department, and understand factors that hinder effective communication of nurses and physicians in the emergency department. Communication comprises the intrapersonal and interpersonal interactions between nurses and physicians and their external influences on patient outcomes. Moreover, communication lacks clarity; more clarification could help improve and enhance communication among professionals of emergency department, as well as patient outcomes.

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