First, the scientist must observe the phenomenon of interest.

To follow the Scientific Method is to stick very tightly to a order of experimentation.

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This theory, as some philosophers would have us to believe, goes against the current dogma of the materialistic viewpoints that many neuroscientists hold about the mind-body interaction....

It is the process by which scientists work over a period of time to construct an accurate (i.e.

Many people in day-to-day situations use the scientific method.

Works of European gothic literature had cemented the archetype of the mad scientist with figures such as Dr Frankenstein and Dr Moreau; while the birth and subsequent success of Science Fiction in the U.S with the short stories of Edgar Allen Poe show us that the American people also had anxieties regarding the potential of science....

Scientific method consists of four steps: (1)- Making an observation of a phenomenon....

If not, then why should science teachers teach that life evolved over billions of years, and that it was created as it is now just six thousand years ago.

The Scientific Method is the theory by which scientists discover new ideas.

The scientific method is a modern day method used to test a theory.

professors who regarded the new method as injuries to philosophy and by priests who believed the new criterion of truth to be inimical to religion.” Drake is accurate in his statement that the opposition put forward by Galileo's accusers was regarded as an injury to philosophy, but Galileo's opposition focused primarily on the need to check unbridled spirits about the judgment and interpretation of holy scripture; in addition Galileo's opposition and defense also had undeniable scientific and epistemological aspects....

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Although he was neither an accomplished scientist nor a prodigious mathematician, Bacon is accredited with the creation of the philosophy of science and the scientific method, and he so effectively reapplied the notion of inductive reasoning that he is often considered its father.

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They called it, “The Scientific Revolution,” and it wasn’t just an ordinary revolution, it was unique because it brought a diverse new age, an age that would permanently change the way we see things in the physical world we live in....

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Because the researcher is independent, and will adopt a traditional and scientific approach, it results in a concrete finding of similarity in the related situations, which would allow a more comprehensive conclusion and prov...

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Such an approach is viewed to be a scientific method that aims to gain information with the objective of discovering laws that may be generalised within similar conditions.