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is obviously wonderful. It is a global experiment in shared knowledge, and it has been overwhelmingly successful. It is a valuable first resource in researching absolutely anything, and the different language versions have different takes on the same subject. It is banned in China (and a handful of other totalitarian countries), which is probably one of the worst mistakes a wannabe "modern" country can make. I confess that I am both a daily user and a financial supporter of Wikipedia. (Wikipedia is financed by donations, large and small. To reach their donation page, click .)

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The way students use sources differs from the way the ghostwriters do. The point is, custom writing experts aren’t usually provided with a direct access to the databases students are free to make use of. Same rule applies to the books. Full stories aren’t available, but only small abstracts. The latter are usually used by professional writing experts to draw quotes from. In a nutshell, make sure the whole range of quotes in your essay isn’t taken from the text parts available on Google or Amazon. Your tutor won’t believe it’s a coincidence.

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Unless you live in China, Iran, or North Korea, you can and should use Wikipedia frequently, preferably in several languages. But find out what your professor thinks about this source before you cite it. And always remember that it is, in the end, by no means a primary source, and (perhaps even more than other sources) not necessarily 100% reliable. It can be an inspiration, a pointer to sources, and a quick-and-dirty overview. And for the most part, it is impressively excellent. However in most cases, it cannot substitute for tracking down original research reports, reading original sources, and the like.

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