Geoffrey sayre mccord essays on moral realism

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Sayre mccord essays on moral realism

Recently, Sayre-McCord’s research has focused on the nature of normative concepts, on evolution and morality, and on Adam Smith’s theory of moral sentiments. His work in progress are available in draft:

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But absent special arguments thatmorality fails in the way they do, morality no less than psychology andbiology can claim that experience may well provide confirmation for ourmoral claims (Sayre-McCord 1996).Some moral realists, particularists, reject the general picture ofsystematic justification just described and yet argue that, when itcomes to the role of observation, moral claims are nonetheless actuallyon a par with non-moral claims (Dancy 1993).

Sayre-McCord, Geoff (ed.), Essays on Moral Realism Smith, Michael, The Moral Problem

This collection of influential essays illustrates the range, depth, and importance of moral realism, the fundamental issues it raises, and the problems it faces. Geoffrey Sayre-McCord has chosen accessible, rigorous, and thought-provoking papers, all of which are rich enough to encourage and reward several readings and careful study. In addition, the volume strikes a balance between wide-ranging papers that advance a barrage of arguments, and more focused papers that develop a few arguments in great detail. What emerges is a comprehensive overview of the moral realism debate that exhibits the scope, as well as the intricacies, of the arguments marshaled on all sides. It will be welcomed by scholars and students of philosophy, the social sciences, and political science.

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