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The venture was divided into four phases. The first phase encompassed an analysis of the Indian car market and car buyer’s practices and reviewing car manufacturers’ websites. The second phase included design implementation. In phase three, we gathered market feedback through demos of the site's prototype. The final phase involved feedback-based revisions to the designs and simultaneous talks with car magazines and TV shows. We successfully launched the website sometime back. Recently, a leading Indian car magazine evinced interest for collaboration with the website.

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My team was faced with a choice between keeping quiet which, as per the contract, was a wise decision and informing the client of the molecule’s polymorphic nature thereby losing the follow-on order of 5 kilograms. Unlike my team, I was of the opinion that our observation need to be communicated to the client as her launch strategy and market lifetime would be ruined if she did not protect every polymorphic form of the molecule via patents. My diverse experiences with South Korea pharmaceutical market taught me that relationship holds the key in the market and once the trust gets established fetching business is not that difficult. I explained the situation to my senior management and talked about how the business relationship was at stake. Initially I faced stiff resistance but given my expertise in dealing with global clients, I was entrusted by senior management to make decision and prepare a business case for that.

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I was nominated as the Project Manager for Information Security Management System (ISMS), ISO 27001:2005 standard implementation. My key deliverable was to make our information security systems ISMS complaint within six months. After selecting and organizing a 26-member cross functional team for ISMS implementation, I realized that as first-timers to information security protocol, we needed to acquire an understanding of standard procedures. To address this difficulty, I arranged for professional training providers and later worked with them to create a customized internal training program. Later I set up a curriculum and a team of internal coaches to train my team on fundamentals of standard protocols.

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