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Aristotle wants to ground his theory of concepts in the factsof reality but is not fully explicit with respect to methods by which essencesget imprinted on a man's mind.

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This approach gives liberty moral significance by illustratinghow the natural right to liberty is a social and political condition necessaryfor the possibility of human flourishing – the ultimate moral standardin Aristotelian ethics interpreted as a natural-end ethics.

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Both parties, then, search for a language that articulates the virtues of open-mindedness and perseverance.And when the writing center conversation comes around, as it so often does, to questions of revision, whether the reconsideration of an argument or the recasting of a sentence—either of which may call upon student and tutor to re-examine long settled assumptions about topic, language, or the world—then both student and tutor are offered opportunities to speak and write in a language that invokes the potentially transformative virtues of intellectual courage and generosity of mind.In the structure of the writing center conversation, in other words, tutors and writers are called upon to communicate in ways Aristotle and others after him have suggested is consistent with living a good life.

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