The central subject dealt within Romeo and Juliet is of love.

 Source: Shakespeare, W.  Romeo and Juliet  New York: Sully and Kleinteich

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In this way, Romeo and Juliet shows the theme of the Individual vs. Society. These two individuals try their best to escape their many many obstacles. They try their hardest to go against society's roles for them: their seperation through their each one's family. Instead of conforming to society's roles for them, they try their hardest to be together. At the end, it seems as though they fail to do this, but they would both rather die than be without the other, so in a way they "stick it to" society in the end anyway.

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Romeo and Juliet is a tragic story of forbidden love

By creating the awful fates of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare notes the idea of Fate vs. Free Will. I think that in Romeo and Juliet, he evinces the idea that fate rules over free will. Due to their families differences and constant fighting, these two "star-crossed lovers" were doomed to die from the beginning. Their deaths were for a reason: to bring to light that the families' conflict was pointless.

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The way Shakespeare wrote all of his poems, Romeo and Juliet included, was very methodical. His play on words and rhyme scheme was meant to show the reader various themes and words that stood out prominently.

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The play revolves around the, aptly named, Romeo & Juliet and their forbidden love and their struggle to love one another with each others families, Capulets and Montagues, feuding with each other, underneath the romanticism it is a story of a plan going wrong....

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Romeo & Juliet is one of his most famous plays and has always been extremely popular in mainstream and in contemporary media, mainly because the ideals and issues brought up in the play are still very valid in modern times.

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Romeo’s emotional hurt and pain, is reinforce through the use of characterisation and figurative languages representing his unrequited painful costs....

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In the opening scene of Romeo and Juliet reinforce the idea of unrequited love brings emotional hurt to the lover is conveyed through the representation of the Romeo and Rosaline relationship.

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This can be supported through the following characters that cause their own suffering: Viola from the film Shakespeare in Love directed by John Madden, Romeo from the play Romeo and Juliet, as well as Brutus from the play Julius Caesar, both written by William Shakespeare....

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Get you gone , be strong and posperous in this resolve" (Shakespeare
3.2, 121, 122
Love of family honor -Loving someone that you are not allowed to love Romeo says this to Juliet when they are about to kiss, you can tell that it is forbidden because he uses the word "sin".

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-Mutual appreciation for one another,
Trust, care, and respect for eachtoher with
no passionate intentions.
- An example of freindship love in the play
is Romeo and Friar, Friar is almost like a
parent to Romeo, he knows everything about Romeo and they both trust eachother, with
no passionate intentions.