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Develop skills in forming open-ended and quality questions to ask of the mentee

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The began in 1986 as a two-movement , to whichBernstein added the present fourth movement in 1987 and the second in 1989. The work isdedicated to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, which gave the premiere of each versionand recorded the full work under the composer's baton (on DGG 429 231-2). Meldingreligious and intellectual inspiration, the is Bernstein's mostdeliberately structured piece.

First off, retention for all generations starts on day one of employment (Martin, 2006, pg.

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The extreme difficulty of the music demanded an augmented orchestra and the radicalchoreography required well over a hundred rehearsals, which could not be accommodated forthe 1912 season. Instead, Ravel's was presented, fulfillingaudience expectations with a mythic story, orthadox dancing, and one of the most ravishingscores ever written. Anticipations for the delayed premiere of continuedto rise. At last the fateful night of May 29, 1913 arrived.

Include such details as site, mentor, length/time, and your responsibilities.

• Ives: (October, 1958) (now on Sony SMK 47568).Charles Ives was one of America's best-kept secrets: a devout Yankee insurance executivewhose private passion was to transform Handel, hymns and patriotic songs throughear-bending polyrhythms, microtones and dissonances to yield a music that wasquintessentially American in its blend of contradictions. Although Ralph Kirkpatrick hadchampioned Ives's piano music, it was Bernstein who fostered America's discovery of itshidden treasure when he led the world premiere of Ives's in 1951, 50years after its completion. (A delightful anecdote: despite much urging, the obstinate77-year old composer claimed disinterest and refused to attend the concert; but hisequally stubborn wife went, received the accolades and, upon returning home, found theirkitchen radio tuned to the station which had broadcast the concert and her husband, whodenied it all, in a rare state of joy.) The release of this recording cemented Ives's fameand launched a full-scale Ives revolution. Bernstein revels in the naive delights of thiswork, which culminates in a riotous coda of Tchaikovsky, "Columbia, Gem of theOcean," reveille and a jarring dissonance.

“A lot of leadership development happens through active participation on committees...” (p.

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The word mentor comes from the character "Mentor" in Homer's epic tale, The Odyssey. Mentor was a trusted friend of Odysseus, the king of Ithaca. When Odysseus fought in the Trojan War, Mentor served as friend and counsel to Odysseus' son Telemachus. Riverside Webster’s II New College Dictionary 1995 defines a mentor as “a wise and trusted teacher or counselor”. The act of mentoring is a series of ongoing and little successes. You will be able to make a real impact through consistent and ongoing relationship building.

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This is why teaching practicals are of paramount importance: student teachers are afforded an opportunity to put their theory into practice within a controlled environment, under the supervision and guidance of a mentor teacher....

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But tangible achievements and public accolades are not the only measure of a man. Inthe Jewish tradition in which Bernstein lived, there is no material afterlife. Rather, thedeceased endure by residing in the memories of those who survive. In that sense, LeonardBernstein is immortal. When he died, millions throughout the world felt a profound andirreplaceable loss. His influence abides in each of them.

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The violinist Midori likened Bernstein's legacy to a garden filled with "seedscreated by his energy, planted by his love, still waiting to bloom." PerhapsBernstein's greatest testament is yet to be fully felt as new generations of musicians,charged with the ecstasy of Bernstein's passionate commitment, ensure the vitality ofclassical music in the future.

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Preceptor models and student/mentor relationships address, in part, the following benefits: opportunities for critical thinking, operationalizing theoretical concepts, enhancing professional behaviors, interaction with peers and ancillary personnel, all while doing so in a real world environment (Ivey, 2006)....