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Context: place where was the spiritual jetty product, time period at which it was produced

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When one reads or watches a science fiction novel or movie, little thinking goes to the artists who contributed to such masterpieces. However, there are several artists celebrated for their exceptional talents. Most of them try to show the relationship between the Ice Age and the Golden Age in a rather roundabout way. They eliminate time or biological evolution and bring a new sensation to the eyes and the mind. Artists have special presentation skills that enable people to understand generation differences and controversies at a glance. The works of these artists brings a transformation that some people come to understand after several years of studying the artwork. This paper reviews the work of Robert Smithson through the analyses conducted by Clark Lunberry and Jack Flam. It focuses on how the various forms of media have transformed the understanding of the connected works.

In “Quiet Catastrophe: Robert Smithson’s ‘Spiral Jetty,’ Vanished,” Clark Lunberry refers to the

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Wally Gwynn, a Utah geologist and editor of "Great Salt Lake: An Overview ofChange," which was published by the state Department of Natural Resources in2002 and which discusses "Spiral Jetty," said the earthwork would be submergedagain as soon as Utah's drought ends.

Smithson's estate donated "Spiral Jetty" toDia in 1999 when the piece was first emerging.

In the part of the text : who made it, who produced it, ( everything should be sited) so in this part you simply have to explain the art work ‘Spiral Jetty)

But foundation officialssay making "Spiral Jetty" more accessible is especially complicated.

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Baker, George, Bob Phillips, Ann Reynolds, and Lytle Shaw. Robert Smithson: Spiral Jetty. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California, 2005.

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"The`Jetty' is being submerged in a sea of salt."

To ensure that "Spiral Jetty" is accessible to future generations, Dia, whichexhibits and preserves art made since the 1960's, has discussed raising it byadding more rocks.

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Like much Land Art, Spiral Jetty is subject to the cycles of nature and vicissitudes of the environment in which it exists. As water levels rise and fall with the tides or amount of rain, Smithson’s great spiral also changes. In fact, two years after its completion, Spiral Jetty completely disappeared under water. After years of only brief, periodic reappearances, a major drought brought Spiral Jetty to the surface again in 2002. Sometime in the distant future, the repeated process of submergence and re-emergence will ultimately lead to the erosion of Spiral Jetty and the work will cease to exist. Smithson embraced the notion of entropy—a complex concept, originating in physics, that describes an irreversible trend towards disorder and chaos, resulting in the obsolescence of works like Spiral Jetty. He also recognized that the work’s location would make it unavailable to a broad audience. With these things in mind, he documented Spiral Jetty in a number of more permanent, more accessible forms including photography, film, and text.

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Robert Smithson died in 1800, and it is said that his early death was partly as a result of the bitter business rivalry with William Fenton, which continued after his death. For a few years, Smithson's collieries and tramway were run by a consortium of trustees headed by Smithson's well-to-do cousin William Smithson (1750-1830) of Ledston Hall and later Heath; his own brother Joshua Smithson and his brother-in-law Thomas Preston of Halifax. In 1818, Robert Smithson's farm and malt business (valued then at £8,906) was bequeathed to his son, also Robert. A three-quarter share in Smithson's collieries and tramway (and the debts due to them) was passed to Smithson's youngest son Joshua Smithson (1791-1867) who continued with the coal business under difficult circumstances until he failed financially in 1850.

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There is a danger when restoring them to makea more perfect thing than was originally done."

Smithson built "Spiral Jetty" in the country's saltiest lake.