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appeals to you and what doesn’t, and why?
Let’s start things off with something fun that some of you may want to consider: a song by Paul Simon. It’s called “Richard

Cory.” It’s posted below. Compare it to the poem you’re reading this week by the same title, “Richard Cory,” by Edwin

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why? Also, if you have the opportunity, listen to Simon’s song on Youtube or elsewhere so you can “hear” the tone.
The song “Richard Cory” by Paul Simon:

Life isn’t always about the money or things you have its about who you have, and Richard Cory had nobody at all.

This poem's got a lesson to teach us, and that lesson rings out loud and clear: even the richest, handsomest man in the world has problems—even if you can't see them from the outside. Just because a man looks like he should be happy doesn't mean he is actually happy. We humans are complicated beings, and our appearances don't always match our realities. Or, to quote our pal , we all "contain multitudes." And often, those multitudes are very different from the impressions that we give to the outside world.

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Not everything in Robinson's life was bleak, however. Though in his young adulthood he had trouble getting other folks to publish his poems, in 1896 he decided to self-publish his collection The Torrent and the Night Before. A year later, he revised the collection—which featured "Richard Cory"—and then a few years after that (in 1902) he published his collection Captain Craig and Other Poems. It was this volume that ended up in the hands of none other than President Theodore Roosevelt, and ol' Teddy went wild for Robinson's work. He even reviewed the book for a magazine, and hooked up Robinson with a steady job (read: steady cash flow) that allowed him to keep up his writing. Roosevelt's praise put Robinson on the poetry map, and he went on to publish tons of poems. Our dude Robinson (or E.A.R., as we like to call him) won the Pulitzer three times (count 'em!) in the 1920s. By all accounts, he had a very successful poetry career.

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The shepherd in “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love,” the original poem of the series, is a romantic idealist who paints beautiful pictures for the girl he loves of “beds of roses” and riches....

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They say that Richard Cory owns one half of this whole town
with political connections to spread his wealth around
born into society a banker’s only child
He had everything a man could want power, grace and style
But I work in his factory and I curse the life I’m living
and I curse my poverty and I wish that I could be
Oh I wish that I could be Oh I wish that I could be Richard Cory

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was born in Head Tide, Maine in 1869. He was an unhappy kid; he once wrote to his poetry pal Amy Lowell that he remembered wondering, at the age of six, why he had even been born. That's pretty bummed out, for a six year old. This bleak point of view would last throughout Robinson's life, so it's no surprise we see it reflected in "Richard Cory," his most famous poem.