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Love to use these as inspiration for 11 minute essays, writing prompts, and teaching truisms.

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I would especially like to thank for their insightful comments regarding this essay Professor David Houston Wood, Professor Gretchen Moon, Professor Marjorie Rubright, Lindsey Row-Heyveld, and Eduardo Paguaga.

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Reviving the essay : how to teach structure without formula

It was January 2012, a month before the start of the child endangerment trial of Msgr. William J. Lynn, and retired Philadelphia Police Detective Joseph Walsh was called back to work by the District Attorney's Office to prep a key prosecution witness.

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The decision, Stewart wrote, was made “following careful consideration by our parish, school and diocesan leaders, including the Office of Child and Youth Protection.”

Sir Anthony Hart, the chair of the inquiry, called it 'The Finglas Episode'.

Reviving the Essay: Bringing Writing Back to Life for ..

Some of Scotland’s most prestigious private schools, including the alma maters of the Prince of Wales and Tony Blair, are to be investigated as part of a national child abuse inquiry.

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But the widow, who had inherited her wealthy husband’s property, would end the day on a decidedly more cheerful note. Immediately following the services, she made her way to a judge’s office to marry Robert McDaniel, “who was a sweetheart of Mrs. Sewell before marriage.”

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Lady Smith, the new chairman of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, named the schools at the start of the inquiry at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

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The March 18, 1905, edition of The New York Times contained an article headlined “,” about the wedding of a couple who would go on to rank among the 20th century’s greatest Americans. Below is the article in its entirety, with annotation by the novelist Amy Bloom, who is working on a novel about Eleanor Roosevelt.

Reviving the Essay - Trail of Breadcrumbs Bringing ..

On July 22, 1912, a short but not so sweet appeared in The New York Times: “There was a double wedding last evening in the Oneida County Jail at Rome. Jessie Hanson and Tony Lemma and Sam Marziali and Flora Granger were the bridal couples. The women are serving short sentences, and, as their time is still unexpired, will have to spend the first part of their honeymoon in jail. The husbands are not prisoners.”

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By the time I hit my pillow at night, I am organizing a litany of awards and complaints, all just for me, and setting the stage for either a peaceful sleep or the recurring nightmare of my friends all lining up outside my apartment building to ask me to move to Wyoming, sans cellphone.