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Okay, so we all know what René Descartes once said: "I think therefore I am." The real question is: so what? The guy becomes an immortal genius because he proved he exists? One time, we successfully identified the color of the sky. Do we get to be remembered forever, too?

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Rene Descartes influenced substantially western philosophy as well as science. His philosophical views laid the foundation to many modern scientific principles. In such a context, his famous idea “cognito ergo sum” (I think than I am) was one of the main ideas that stimulated and guided the development of science based on critical rationalism. In fact, “Discourse on Method”, being one of the major works by Rene Descartes reveals his views on the method he considered to be essential in regard to scientific knowledge. To put it more precisely, Rene Descartes stood on the ground that it was important to conduct analysis on the principle of deduction and critical evaluation. In such a way, he stood on the rationalist ground and believed that the truth can be found and correct judgments can be made only on the condition of the application of his method, which was based on principles of deduction.

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And about that "I think, therefore I am" business… No, that is not Descartes's entire contribution to philosophy—not by a long shot. Descartes's actual interest is in attaining absolute certainty, a framework of knowledge that is incapable of being doubted. What he shows is that even if we agree to reject every claim about which the slightest, tiniest, teensy-weensy doubt can be raised, even then your own existence cannot possibly be questioned.

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