Religion has the power to cause wars, such as the Catholic Crusades.

Many would say that war is not caused by religion, but what exactly is religion?

Here the wars were fought primarily because of religious differences.

The war in Philippines is a clear case of inter-religious conflict. This is between the two most successful religions: Christianity and Islam. The northern region is mainly Muslim, the only region in the whole of Philippines .Muslim was brought to the region at around 13th century by Arab traders. In that area Muslim Christian conflicts has been a continual issue that has been persistent over all the years. Though this may appear as a clear cut religion caused war, we must also note that religion also has been used to achieve political ends. Therefore one must realizes that though the war may rage ,it might after all be seen as a political war too.

Many would say that war is not caused by religion, but what exactly is religion.

Does Religion Cause War?, essay by Stuart Pirie

War and conflict is a characteristic nature of man it was around before religion ever existed and many other factors are the cause of war such as, ethnicity, culture, ideologues, race, class, gender, power, greed, selfishness, revenge, genocide, immigration, government decisions, and SIN these are just a few.

For example “Religion and the American Civil War” is a collection of essays and poems by various writers (Harry S.

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Richard Dawkins has put it this way: “Religion causes war by generating certainty”. And John Lennon encouraged us to:

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Following the example of the French, Egyptian rulers secularised by disempowering and impoverishing the clergy. Modernisation had begun in the Ottoman period under the governor Muhammad Ali, who starved the Islamic clergy financially, taking away their tax-exempt status, confiscating the religiously endowed properties that were their principal source of income, and systematically robbing them of any shred of power. When the reforming army officer Jamal Abdul Nasser came to power in 1952, he changed tack and turned the clergy into state officials. For centuries, they had acted as a protective bulwark between the people and the systemic violence of the state. Now Egyptians came to despise them as government lackeys. This policy would ultimately backfire, because it deprived the general population of learned guidance that was aware of the complexity of the Islamic tradition. Self-appointed freelancers, whose knowledge of Islam was limited, would step into the breach, often to disastrous effect.

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So, does religion cause war? Sadly, it does. But does Jesus Christ, and do those who submit themselves wholeheartedly to Him and His teaching? No. He was the Prince of Peace and he remains the only hope for real peace – even, perhaps especially, in the Middle East.

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In , The Gods of War: Is Religion the Primary Cause of Violent Conflict?, the historian, Meic Pearse, addresses all of these points and more. In relation to the first, he takes us though what he calls ‘The bloodiest century of all’, namely the twentieth, demonstrating how a range of secular ideologies have left a trail of death and destruction in their wake. As readers of the comment section of FNT will know, though, this fact is resisted by many atheists, including those who regularly post responses to these articles.