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Religion influence many aspects of day to day issues such as life choices, dress, and education....

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The explanation of philosophy of religion has involved freshtranslations of philosophical and religious texts from India, China,Southeast Asia, and Africa. Exceptional figures from non-Westerntraditions have an increased role in cross-cultural philosophy ofreligion and religious dialogue. The late Bimal Krishna Matilal madesalient contributions to enrich Western exposure to Indian philosophyof religion. Among the mid-twentieth-century Asian philosophers, twowho stand out for special note are T.R.V. Murti (1955) andS.N. Dasgupta (1922). Both brought high philosophical standards alongwith the essential philology to educate Western thinkers. As evidenceof non-Western productivity in the Anglophone world, see Arvind Sharma1990 and 1995. There are now extensive treatments of pantheism andstudent-friendly guides to diverse religious conceptions of thecosmos.

How would the argument so far throw light on recent conflicts over matters of religious freedom?

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It is difficult, then, to see why the law should assume that religious business owners do not feel substantial pressure when the government imposes penalties on their businesses as punishments for religious exercises. The far more logical approach is to recognize that when a penalty is imposed on a business, the owner of the business likely experiences that penalty as a pressure to act in a particular way.

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Its restriction arguably run contrary to the very notion of human rights, undermining the freedom of religion, of association and of speech as enshrined and protected by the UNDR [1].

As a result of the growing feminist movement, religious groups were pressured in the 1970’s to allow women into the ministry....

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Religion and business have been closely intertwined throughout American history. The original corporate charter for the Virginia Company in 1606 matters both commercial (such as the granting of mining rights) and religious (such as the propagation of the Christian faith). Puritan merchants in New England started each new ledger with the inscription “In the name of God and profit.” So long as God came first in their lives and businesses, they saw nothing wrong with pursuing financial success. Some Puritans even believed material wealth was a sign of one’s future salvation.

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At the beginning of the 21st century, a more generalrationale for philosophy of religion should be cited: it can enhancecross-cultural dialogue. Philosophers of religion now often seekout common as well as distinguishing features of religious belief andpractice. This study can enhance communication betweentraditions, and between religions and secular institutions.

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Modern ideas of freedom and tolerance are usually seen, particularly in the West, as having derived from Locke. In fact they draw upon both Locke and Spinoza. The US First Amendment owes much to Spinoza’s conception of freedom. Even in Europe, where freedom of expression is construed in narrower terms, Spinoza’s influence remains important, if unacknowledged. However, despite the broadening of the conception of liberty and tolerance, the idea that freedom of religion is a special freedom, an idea that derives primarily from Locke, remains entrenched.

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Over the centuries, the nation’s religious diversity has increased, so that the United States is now home to many different religious traditions, and many different religious views on money-making. Some groups profess that God wants them to be fabulously wealthy, while others seek God by adopting a life of poverty. In a religiously pluralistic society, such a diversity of views on religion and money-making is hardly surprising.