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Support for legal same-sex marriage is strongly related to religion and partisanship

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Meanwhile, marriage equality opponents may ultimately find that this ‘religious freedom’ argument is counterproductive to their aims. Religious freedom will only add more weight to marriage equality. The constitution was set up to protect us from a state religion. Even if there were only one or two religions in the USA that practiced same-sex marriage they would be entitled to the same protection as all the other religions.

Only 46% of American kids are being raised by their married parents, reports Patrick Fagan of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute (MARRI).

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This book has a broad potential audience, due to its subject matter and the wide range of subtopics that Gill touches on under the rubric of advocating for same-sex marriage. For political philosophers, her reliance on John Stuart Mill’s ‘On Liberty’ will prove rewarding. For those more concerned with the contemporary cultural climate, her concluding chapter highlighting the culture wars will be particularly apt. Gill’s close reading of Supreme Court decisions such as Thomas v. Review Board and Romer v. Evans will intrigue legal scholars. And for the general reader energized by the recent rulings in Hollingsworth v. Perry and United States v. Windsor, Gill offers a clear, succinct, and reasoned argument in support of same-sex marriage.

* In March 2015, the Alabama Supreme Court ordered the state’s probate judges to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

So far, religious liberty has not often been used in courts as a rationale for same-sex marriage. However, the United Church of Christ did exactly that last year in a lawsuit in North Carolina when they pointed out that their religion freedom was being restricted by the same-sex marriage ban. (This argument is now moot due to the recent Supreme Court decision.)

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However, ideology impacts Republicans and Democrats alike on the issue of same-sex marriage. While about eight in ten (82%) liberal Democrats and roughly six in ten (61%) moderate Democrats support same-sex marriage, only about four in ten (41%) conservative Democrats say the same. Among Republicans, a majority of liberal (55%) and moderate (54%) Republicans favor same-sex marriage, compared to only one-quarter (25%) of conservative Republicans. Approximately seven in ten (68%) conservative Republicans oppose same-sex marriage.

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Younger and older Americans approach the issues of same-sex marriage and civil unions differently. Among the Millennial generation, support for civil unions (71%) is only 9 points higher than support for same-sex marriage (62%). Among seniors, there is a 20-point difference in support levels for the two policies. A majority (51%) of seniors favor civil unions, but less than one-third (31%) favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry.

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Regular churchgoers (those who attend at least once or twice a month), particularly those who belong to religious groups that are supportive of same-sex marriage, are likely to overestimate opposition for same-sex marriage in their churches by 20 percentage points or more.

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Support for same-sex marriage varies significantly by region. Residents of the Northeast express the highest support, with more than six in ten (63%) favoring same-sex marriage. A majority of Americans living in the West (59%) and the Midwest (54%) also favor same-sex marriage, while residents of the South are divided on the issue (46% favor, 45% oppose).