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The core theme in Pride and Prejudice is the relationships between [MSOffice1] siblings.

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Another difference between friends and siblings is that siblings can be friends but friends cannot be siblings. The relationship that makes people friends is established between the individuals and can be broken at any time. However, the relationship between siblings is established at birth. Therefore, they can disagree but can never break that bond.

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We so often hear stories — or — about the bonds between sisters or those among brothers. But rarely does anyone talk about the relationship between opposite-sex siblings. I remember that watching the film felt like a revelation (though my brothers, I should hasten to say, are nothing like the Mark Ruffalo character).

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John loved me infinitely as a little sister by taking on the role as my unofficial guardian. He read stories to me when I was a toddler, picked me up from grammar school when our parents were busy at work and babysat me on Saturday nights when I was still too young to stay at home alone. He was the older brother who introduced me to 90’s pop culture when Nirvana was still a band and took me to see my first R- rated movie as a rebellious preteen. Many people take advantage of these everyday experiences that they share with their brothers and sisters. The bond between siblings is irreplaceable and, many times, remains unappreciated until it’s lost. I took my relationship with Johnny for granted and never imagined that my life would change so drastically when he entered the psych hospital six years ago.

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Kindness is another attribute of good friendship. Friends are more often than not kind to one another rather than selfish. Acts of kindness drive friends in a relationship to assist one another, in the event of adversity. These acts of kindness require friends to contribute equally to the friendship. This, consequently, eradicates all the instances of selfishness, which would weaken the relationship. In contrast, siblings can either be kind or not. Kindness only serves to make their relationship strong, as opposed to initiating the relationship between siblings.

the relationship between siblings is established at birth

In conclusion, both siblings and friends have relationships that are built by certain issues that make these relationships different or similar. Among the issues that build friendships are honesty, loyalty and trust. On the other hand, the relationship between siblings is established by birthright. Other factors serve to either strengthen or weaken the relationship but cannot break it. However, when the factors that determine friendships are not present, friendships cannot exist.

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It often takes deliberate demonstrations of genuine love before conflicts between brothers and sisters can be resolved and healthy friendships can be formed. The following tips come from young people who have worked diligently to develop and maintain good relationships with their siblings.