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Willingness to pay for rehabilitation versus punishment to reduce adult and juvenile crime.

Should prisons rehabilitate or punish

By using a character such as Magwitch, Dickens suggests the implications of using the Australian penal colonies as a way of rehabilitation for criminals....

In this essay, I shall be focusing on the whether or Prisons rehabilitate offenders.

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This IELTS reading exercise is based on the question type of matching sentence endings and covers the topic of crime and punishment. This article is adapted from a UK newspaper discussing the aims of prisons and contains very useful vocabulary for a common IELTS topic.

Punishment for offenders includes restitution, probation, parole, intermediate sanctions, jails, prisons, and sometimes capital punishment.

Debates over how to treat prisoners have gone on since imprisonment began: should the prison system leave inmates to fester in cold cells, with punishment and deterrence as the goal of incarceration? Or should it let them wander from classroom to games room, preaching rehabilitation into society as its main aim?

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