People who love helping others should become a registered nurse....

Being a registered nurse is a serious profession which requires patience and dedication....

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The expression, horizontal violence, is used to describe cruel behaviors between colleagues of comparable status, such as registered nurses, in the workplace.

These two professions consist of nurses and medical assistants, or other wise known as M.A’s.

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When it comes to the medical profession, people usually envision doctors with stethoscopes and surgeons with surgery knives. Even though these two are typical representations of the medical profession, in reality, nurses are the ones that most medical facilities can’t do without. Nurses support the general practitioners, physicians, dentists and surgeons, and provide hands-on care for the sickly and the injured. Their importance spans a great deal of other aspects that underlie most forms of medical treatment. Nurses are also there throughout major milestones and challenges of our life — childbirth, accidents, and surgery. They are always there to put the doctor’s words into action and to provide the best possible treatment and care for us.

Contribution to care coordination has always been a standard of competency for registered nurses.

Apart from regularly caring for the sickly and the injured, some nurses may even assume other roles, specifically non-medical jobs that emphasize the promotion of public health. Their involvement is crucial to the success of activities like blood drives and exercise programs, as well as instilling health awareness through public seminars and school visits.

Registered nurses know the types of foods to eat that are essential to your body that could help expand your life and live longer.

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The American Association of colleges of Nursing defines advance practice nursing as licensed registered nurses prepared at the graduate level in nursing as a nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, certified nurse midwife or certified registered nurse anaesthetist to provide direct patient care....

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Susan Nicolosi, a health-care recruiter at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center in Camden, and Grace Corteza, a registered nurse originally from the Philippines, recently went to that Asian nation to sign 26 nurses for two-year commitments.

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These programs provide student nurses with the necessary knowledge base and ability to apply knowledge in practice; especially since the introduction of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) has been integrated into didactics.

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Registered Nurses are the largest group of health care professionals in the United States and there is a massive shortage nationwide, especially in Texas.

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Nevertheless, little research has been done on “eating their young,” horizontal violence arising between those with unequal power, such as registered nurses and students (Thomas & Burk, 2009)....

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I'm 17 now and it has changed me life completely.” (Dancing in the Darkness, “Survivors”).” Forensic Nursing is one of the most promising occupations in the United States, the emergence for the need of nurses in the community benefits the place to make l...