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Cases in textbooks - it is always best to refer to a law report, but if you only want .Dec 20, 2016 Accurate and consistent referencing is essential in all academic work.

Note that the tasks are applied to the sample divorce essay, which uses the Harvard referencing format.

UNE - Topic 3: Referencing law essays

The UNE School of Law has adopted the as the standard for referencing law essays. If you are a beginning law student, you may benefit from some assistance with the basics of referencing and footnoting from this guide. Intentional and unintentional is a widespread problem in student assignments so you will need to gain a thorough understanding of the referencing requirements of this school.

It is good practice to keep in your files a copy of the front page of any website you use containing reference details

The (requires login) provides practical advice and examples to help you create references in the Open University (OU) Harvard style. The does not require login.

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Cambridge referencing websites in essays

When using subject specific or non-generic dictionaries, the author/editor can be used as author, and the referencing guidelines for a book can be followed.

Guides: Oxford referencing style: All Examples

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England's Whetstone named FEE's first "Blinking Lights" award recipient.. [online] Available at: [Accessed 16 July 2014].
*URL means Uniform Resource Locator - an address identifying the location of a file on the Internet

If a URL is exceedingly long, or the result of a personal search on a website, you can give the website's home page address with the routing or web path, showing your reader how to get from the home page to the specific page you have referenced.

It is good practice to keep in your files a copy of the first page of any web pages you use.

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general background reading to familiarise yourself with the topic.

An annotated bibliography includes the full reference to sources with the addition of notes, which summarise and evaluate the source and will be of variable length, depending on the assessment this may be an independent project or part of a larger research project.

Is referencing included in the Word Count?
Check the section 6.69 for details of what is excluded from the word count of a submission.