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They learned the uses of political power and served with great courage amidst a hostile environment of embittered and war-scared Southern whites, many of whom targeted Black representatives with violent attacks.

During Reconstruction, African Americans formed their own fraternal organizations and worshipped in their own churches, and they embraced the notion of an activist government that promoted and safeguarded the welfare of its citizens. Rather than becoming the illiterate, ignorant dupes of demagogues and Northern white Republicans, as so many whites suspected or believed, Black men and women eagerly obtained the education that had been denied them by law under slavery.

He was a Southern Democrat from Tennessee, when he became president, the Civil War had ended and reconstruction was in its beginning stages.

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Reconstruction-era instances of corruption or bribery were vastly exaggerated. The nation's foremost scholars, especially historians, wrote seething histories of the period that decried the supposedly deplorable treatment of white Southerners and spun overtly racist tales concerning the ignorance and savage lust of Black officeholders.

Even though the North won the war, they did a horrible job in trying to win the peace, or in other words, the Reconstruction era....

The reconstruction of the south was the period during and after the Civil War
where several different groups in the government tried to solve the economic,
political, and social problems that arose as a result of the Civil War. It was a
time of disorder and chaos. Southern whites rejected all forms of equality and
blacks wanted nothing but full freedom and land of their own. This led to
frequent and inevitable riots. Reconstruction lasted from 1865 to 1877 and was
one of the most controversial periods in the nation's history. People still
debate its successes and failures. Many people blames Reconstruction failure on
black politics, calling it "Negro government." Even some newspapers
that were in favor of Reconstruction blamed the black legislatures. Foner wrote,
"Ironically, even as racism waned as an explicit component of the Northern

Democratic appeal, it gained a hold on respectable Republican opinion, as a
convenient explanation for Reconstruction's failure." Black politicians
could have been the demise of Reconstruction. Another cause of Reconstruction
could have been the Court's intervention. Foner stated, "Previously, the

Court had proved reluctant to intervene in Reconstruction controversies. The

Compromise of 1877 between the Republicans and Democrats, occurring in January
of that year, was the solution to the contested Presidential election of 1876
and furthermore brought an end to the period of Reconstruction following the

Civil War. The banks could have also caused the failure of Reconstruction to
speed up. The Freedman's Savings Bank went under with no money to pay its
depositors. The bank held thousands of black's (Freedman) money. "In June

1874, with only $31,000 on hand to cover obligations to its 61,000 depositors,
the Freedman's Savings Bank suspended operations." One of the main reasons
for the failure of Reconstruction was the dropped prices of crops. Many farmers
and sharecroppers could not live off what they earned. The depression caused the
price of cotton to nearly drop by 50%. Many of the main crops such as: tobacco,
rice, and sugar also declined. "The depression disrupted commerce,
bankrupted merchants, seriously undermined the economic situation or artisans,
and all but eliminated prospects for social mobility among unskilled laborers of
both races." Reconstruction failure reflects on the people of America.

Presidential Reconstruction under Lincoln and Johnson demonstrates the
difficulties inherent in reshaping the South after the Civil War. The lack of
northern vision concerning the postwar South, disputes between Congress and the

Presidency over lines of authority, and the unwillingness of southern whites to
allow blacks any significant power in southern society were main reasons that

Reconstruction failed. Even though Reconstruction failed, at least we tried but
some people have to learn how to change. Reconstruction changed the way of life
for blacks. Some changes were good and some changes made life difficult, but
overall the blacks made it out of slavery safely. Reconstruction was the
original beginning of the Civil Rights Act. The fact that African-Americans had
made it so far gave them the strength to keep going and fight for what they
believe in.

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Reconstruction was the Radical Republicans’ attempt to try and bring the Confederate states back to normal and unite both the South and the North into a whole country once again....

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These amendments made involuntary servitude a federal crime, created a new federal dimension of citizenship for all Americans, and sought to guarantee universal male suffrage. Once they were ratified, Congress was constitutionally empowered—and obligated to—protect and enforce them, sustaining the broad new powers and active role of the national government.

The postwar period began with a series of fairly lenient Reconstruction plans put forth by presidents Lincoln and Johnson, who were both eager to see the former Confederacy returned to the Union with as much speed and as little vindictiveness as possible.

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Just as the fate of slavery was central to the meaning of the Civil War, so the divisive politics of Reconstruction turned on the status the former slaves would assume in the reunited nation.

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In fact, whites during Reconstruction had responded the same way to all Reconstruction governments, whether corrupt or not. The white South turned to force to end the country's first experiment in integrated government. Not because of Black failure, but because of Black success.