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In this essay, we have seen that the numbers/fractals corresponding to distinct day-counts of the ancient reckoningsystems may also reflect the numbers/fractals regarding the combinations of complementary angles within right triangles.

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In previous essays, we havediscussed the possibility that the ancient reckoning systems may have employed distinct number systems for circles, suchas the accepted 360c (360-degrees).

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The breathtaking excellence of, poet Brian Blanchfield’s first collection of personal essays, is an urgent reminder of how shortsighted it would be to take identity politics as the sole measure of value in queer writing. Blanchfield—who is white, male, and gay—does not treat these contours of his life as extraordinary in themselves. He attends instead to the subtlest registers of misfit between a queer self and its world—and with such sensitivity, he provides a startlingly detailed map to a territory we only thought we knew well. Again and again, he finds unexpected grace in grim circumstances: growing up gay in working class North Carolina, struggling to find his vocation in heady millennial New York, reckoning with the diminished economic prospects of the writer’s life. (Literary aspirants will be sobered by Blanchfield’s frank talk about money, including the puny rates adjunct professors are paid.)

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