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Rosenthal and Jacobson’s model of Pygmalion in the classroom remains relevant to contemporary classroom practice. Given the diversity of students in today’s classrooms, teachers can use the Pygmalion effect to help them eliminate inequalities in the classroom by fostering a climate of positive expectations for all students. James Rhem urges teachers to realize that teaching involves more than just the transfer of facts. Teachers should expect more from their students than what they think is possible and create conditions to help students fulfill positive teacher expectations. Despite the great pressure to meet the required standards, teachers need to find ways to help all students reach their potential beyond the minimum expectations. Essentially, every teacher should strive to become a Pygmalion and transform every student into a Galatea.

In Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, Eliza Doolittle experiences this type of enlightenment as the result of undergoing a drastic change in social status....

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Self-fulfilling prophecies can be observed in a variety of social institutions, and educational institutions are no exception. The Pygmalion effect takes its name from the mythological sculptor, Pygmalion, who created a woman, Galatea, so beautiful that he prayed to the gods to make her a real woman. It was first demonstrated in a classic study by Harvard University professor and psychologist Robert Rosenthal and elementary school principal Lenore Jacobson. Concerned about the failure of disadvantaged children in the public school system, Rosenthal and Jacobson set up a study in an elementary school they called Oak School. The researchers hypothesized that a relationship exists between teachers’ expectations and students’ academic performance.

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