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On May 16, 1918, Privates Henry Johnson (left) and Needham Roberts (right) became the first American privates to receive the prestigious French Croix de Guerre.

Celebrities, or any public figure, have very limited privacy due to the paparazzi and media.

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Passage of time:The newsworthiness of a private fact may be affected by the passage of time. Problems may occur when individuals who were once notorious but are now rehabilitated become subjects of historical commentaries that refer to their former crimes or indiscretions. Private facts published in a popular feature, such as a “25 Years Ago Today” column, could be considered an invasion of privacy if the subject is not a public figure or is deemed to have lost his public figure status.

Also, most ordinary people respect the rights of others to a private life.

As a second example, consider purchases of underwear. The purchasesare made in a public place and the sales clerk and other customers arenot professionals with a duty of confidentiality. Therefore, under currentlaw, there is no expectation of privacy. If the customer is a famous person,the store clerk could report the type of underwear that the famous personpurchased. Yet it seems obvious that such a reporting is not only a violationof the purchaser's privacy, but is also an uncivil activity that degradessociety as well as embarrasses the victim.

This essay illustrates the development and current status of privacy laws in US, UK and China as well as analyses the application in social media....

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Under the standard adopted by the Supreme Court in the seminal libel case New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, a plaintiff who is considered a public figure or official has a higher standard of proof in a libel case than a private plaintiff. The public figure or official must prove that the publisher or broadcaster acted with “actual malice” in reporting derogatory information. “Actual malice,” in libel parlance, does not mean ill will or intent to harm. Instead, it means the defendant knew that the challenged statements were false or acted with reckless disregard for the truth.

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But determining if a person is a private or public figure is not always easy. In some instances, private and public categories may overlap. For example, a businessperson who has high visibility because of fundraising efforts in a community may not be a public figure for purposes other than the individual’s community activity.

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If the plaintiff is a private litigant, he or she must at least prove that the publisher or broadcaster was negligent in failing to ascertain that the statement was false and defamatory. Some states may impose a higher burden on private-figure litigants, especially if the story in question concerns a matter of public importance.10

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Public revelations about children, particularly their medical conditions and treatment, also may subject the media to liability for invasion of privacy. In 1990, Eric Foretich, the father of nine-year-old Hilary Foretich, brought a privacy claim on behalf of his daughter against Lifetime Cable Network and the BBC after the networks featured Hilary in a television documentary about child abuse. The documentary showed Hilary talking to her mother during a therapy session and demonstrating with anatomically correct dolls how her father had allegedly abused her sexually. After a federal court ruled that Foretich had stated an actionable claim for private-facts invasion of privacy, Lifetime and BBC settled with Foretich, paying him $175,000 but not admitting liability.7